History of our company

1950 ASAHI KOGYOSHA CO. LTD. was founded
1955 ASAHI KOGYOSHA CO. LTD was incorporated and Nihon Kisetsu Co. Ltd.
1970 The building of the head office of Nihon Kisetsu Co. Ltd. was newly built.
1976 Itabashi office was opened
1982 Asaka branch office was opened
1985 Niigata branch office was opened
1987 Kawaguchi branch office was opened
1990 Satte branch office was opened
1994 The organizational structure of Itabashi office was converted into that of branch.
2000 Saitama business office was opened
2001 Adachi business office was opened
2005 Saitama business office was relocated to Niiza-shi, Saitama and newly constructed and its organizational structure was converted into that of branch.
2006 Nihon Kisetsu Co. Ltd. and Showa Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. were merged, and the name of the company was change to ANES CO. LTD. The building of the head office was reformed and expanded.
2009 ANES CO. LTD. formed a merger with Tamura Setsubi-Kogyo Co. Ltd. The organizational structure of the former office of Tamura Setsubi-Kogyo Co. Ltd. was converted into that of Tama branch of ANES CO. LTD. Nishi-Tokyo-shi business office was opened.
2013 ANES(THAILAND) CO., LTD was founded