Production support facilities

Based on the creation of facility environment that supports the safety of our clients, we respond to the requests for the construction or cost reduction of optimal production facilities.
For the production support facilities of the leading-edge industries where safety and high quality is required, we apply our rich results and accumulated technologies. We make efforts aimed at harmonization with global environment protection taking saving power/saving energy into consideration as well as construction of optimal system.


Incidental facilities of production facilities

In the plants of manufacturers where high quality is required, constant installment/relocation/modification of production apparatus intended to enhance efficiency and clean and germfree environments are needed.
To various needs, we propose optimal design/construction including improvement of productivity and energy saving by utilizing our rich results and solid technologies such as air control technologies, fluid control technologies and waste water/waste gas treatment technologies.


Special piping/Special air-conditioning facilities

We have engaged in construction piping installation in various fields, such as “high pressure piping and piping for ink/solvents” in printing-related factories, “piping for various kinds of medicaments” necessary for semiconductor plants, “piping for ultra-pure water and bulk piping” essential for clean rooms and “sanitary piping and jacket piping” of food plants.
Additionally, regarding our constant-temperature and constant humidity facilities, our know-hows and technologies of long years have received recognition and have been adopted for aging storage of food factories and printing-related factories.


Blending/dilution/supply system

We have gained the results by developing/delivering “automatic blending device” that blends various kinds of ink/solvents in a constant ratio/at a constant temperature/at a fixed flow, “dilution system” that dilutes and supplies various kinds of medicaments with a high precision, and “automatic dissolving system” that dilutes/heats and dissolves/cool/add medicaments and supplies fine particles.


Monitoring/control system

By utilizing a commercially available personal computers or touch panels, we have constructed the monitoring/control system having superior cost-performance and extensibility and providing easy maintenance and control, for which we have been highly appraised.


FA system

We focus on constructing FA system that fulfils clients’ requirements resulting in improvement of productivity and resolve the problems as the obstacles for manufacturing products.
For example, we have the results for “various kinds of inspection apparatus” to perform in-line inspection color/weight/foreign substances of the products, “various kinds of transfer lines” to automatically transfer the products and “automation/power saving of weighing, filling and packing machine lines” in food factories.
Against the problems in production line such as optimization/power saving, we have been working on the improvements with our clients.