Site policy

This website is operated by ANES CO. LTD (the “Company”).

Prior to making use of our website (the “Site”), we would like you to read the following terms and conditions carefully and proceed with its use only if you agree with and will abide them.


1. Copyright

The copyrights of the work (photographs, logos, graphics, writings, illustrations) used on the Site belong to the Company and the right holders.
Use of all the contents and work contained in the Site (reproduction, change, uploading, display, transmission, distribution, sale etc.) is illegal as an infringement on copyright according to Copyright Act etc.


2. Trademarks

The rights of the trademarks, logos and trade names etc. used on the Site belong to the Company and the right holders. Reproduction/appropriation of the trademarks and the like contained in the Site without permission is prohibited.


3. Prohibitions

When using the Site, you are especially prohibited from the following:

  1. Actions that infringe or may infringe the property, privacy or the like of the Company or third parties.
  2. Actions that will or may cause disadvantages or damages to the Company or third parties.
  3. Actions in violation of public order and standards of decency, or actions that could result in violation of public order and standards of decency.
  4. Criminal behavior or actions connected with criminal behavior, or actions that could result in criminal behavior.
  5. Furnishing false information or misrepresentation such as registering someone else’s e-mail address.
  6. Engaging in commercial activities, attempting to secure commercial profits, or actions leading to such attempts while using the Site.
  7. Actions that damage the credibility or good reputation of the Company or third party.
  8. Using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses, or actions that could result in use or provision of harmful programs.
  9. Actions in violation of laws, statutes or ordinances, or actions that could result in violation of laws, statutes or ordinances.
  10. Other actions deemed to be improper by the Company.

4. Disclaimer

  1. We sufficiently examine/confirm every step before posting information on the Site, but shall not guarantee accuracy, validity, reliability or safety (i.e. operation will not be interrupted, error will not occur, defects will be corrected, the Site and server are free of computer viruses or other harmful entities) of the contents, or suitability of the contents for the users’ purposes.
    Additionally, We shall not be responsible for any damage or loss that may result from the use of the Site.
  2. The contents posted on the Site is subject to change or discontinuation without prior notice. We also reserve the right to interrupt or discontinue operation of the Site without prior notice.
    The Company is not responsible in any way for damage that may result from interrupted or discontinued operation of the Website or change in information posted on the Website, regardless of the reasons.
  3. We do not concern ourselves with the information or services etc. of other websites linked to the Site and bear no responsibility for any damage that incurred because of the use of such websites.

5. Handling of personal information

We will focus on managing the information of the users/customers who have made inquiry or contacted us and preventing unauthorized access to such information.
Furthermore, we will never disclose/provide the collected information to third parties without prior consent of the users/customers.
(except in the case where such disclosure/provision is required by laws and regulations etc.)


6. Link site

  1. When you link to the Site, please contact General Affairs Division of the Company.
  2. Please note that the address of the page (URL) is subject to change without notification.
  3. Please refrain from creating the links from HP as follows.
     * The page to obscure that these pages are produced, such as frame linking etc.
     * The page that contains illegal contents or potentially illegal contents.
     * The page that contains the contents that are illegal or violate the standards of public order and decency.
     * the page that contains the contents that intend to slander or defame the employees of the Company, or damage their social reputation and trust.
  4. We may decline a link from the Site that we consider in appropriate.

7. Terms of Use

We may change these terms and conditions of use at any time without notice. For such change, we will post the revised version of this document for confirmation on the latest contents.
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